Math is Fun Games

There are a lot of people who go online to find some enjoyable Math games. You can find a number of these on various websites. Math games differ according to level, skill and difficulty. You would definitely find basic math games online that you and your kids can enjoy. Educators and teachers can also rely on the Internet for some cool math games. Below are some of the most popular online math games:

Traffic Jam Game

“Traffic jam game” is quite a popular math game. It is somehow a board game where you learn some logical thinking skills. You can find this game in most math websites. The printable edition of the traffic jam game is also available so you can play it with your friends even if you are not online. The online version of traffic jam game has over 600 puzzles. The game differs in the level of difficulty and would be more challenging as you complete one puzzle to another.

The “traffic jam game” is really thrilling for kids as they love cars which are placed on a game board. They can only move them backward and forward. Sideway moves are not allowed and the cars can’t turn. The goal of the game is to move the “red car” out of the board game.



“Mathteroids” is another popular math game that you can play online. It is very similar to the classic and all time favorite game of asteroid video arcade game, the one that is played on Atari. The rockets are used as player controls and represent the arrow keys or mouse pointer. When the asteroids are hit, they break into smaller pieces. The aim of the game is to shoot asteroids having the numbers that are multiples of the specific given number. So if a given number of 5, then you have to shoot the asteroids with labels of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on. The wrong numbers can give you no points and further hits of wrong asteroids can end the game.


This is one of the popular math websites that offer quite a simple math game. It challenges you on how fast can you solve problems in a span of 60 seconds. You can choose from four basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. You would choose a random high and low number, hit on ‘Go’ and you would have math problems to answer. Enter your answers on the box provided and you can check your answers whether they are right or wrong. This math game is fun because time is a major factor as well.

Name that Number

This another popular and well loved game fit for elementary students. This is an easy game of math where all you have to do is to name the numbers of a given equation. You would be given cards with number choices that you add, subtract, multiply and divide to arrive on the right number.

Math at the Mall

A more modern approach to play math games is “Math at the Mall”. It also takes a more advanced platform and is played in flash environment. The object of the game is to solve problems at the stores, at the mall, the toy store, the bank, clinic and coffee shop. If you solve three problems without help, you can earn a gold coin. The math problems become difficult to solve as you go further. You also lose the gold coins you are rewarded if you ask for the answer to the math problem you are unable to solve.